by Aster

 What BuildLab gets together in one place:

  • Constructions enterprises (building components, building construction, production of energy efficiency solutions, installing, monitoring and other building related services)
  • Apartment building administrators and owners
  • Social housing associations
  • Policy makers and technicians within local authorities
  • Real estate agencies
  • Financial institutions, investors and insurance companies

The BuildLab platform will help you to:

Be connected to the main actors of the energy efficiency sector within demand, supply and finance areas.  They will operate, discuss and exchange your point of view in a wide network of international experts in the field of energy efficiency. And off course also have an active role in the process of transition from potential to real demand.

Who is Aster?

Aster is the main company that founded Build Lab. Which basically is an innovation and finance laboratory for sustainable buildings. It is a platform that facilitates the dialogue among the actors in the sector, supports the development of tools and concrete models to improve the quality and finance ability of energy efficiency initiatives.