by BPI France

Gathering and engaging national and international players/stakeholders into thematic communities, animating them and ensure matchmaking is an example of what EuroQuity does for BuildInterest.

EuroQuity is primarily dedicated to companies, investors, and business support structures. It also welcomes R&D organizations like private or public laboratories.

The EuroQuity platform has some of the following unique features:

  • Tracking of a set of value/activity/interest and networking indicators for each user, that can be used to measure the company’s emerging/upward trends.
  • Advanced community management features: private and public wall with any media contents, comments, etc. This can be used to publish news, events, photos, discussions.
  • Integrated digital events (webinars, pitches, reverse pitches).
  • Dedicated features/tabs for companies looking for partnerships: technological, industrial, commercial.
  • Integrated data room (3 modes: public, restricted, private). This is used to share case studies, business models, reports, or any documents.

Who is BPI France?

EuroQuity is the web platform created by BPI France in partnership with KfW to put growth companies in contact with development partners and with investors in particular.

It is described as a “Trip Advisor for business”. Obtaining from current partners, expressions of interest from other users and belonging to one or several labels/communities enable to promote companies to their future contacts and facilitate their deals.