Green BuildInvest

by Duurzaam Gebouwd

Who is Green Buildinvest Initative?

Green BuildInvest Initiative is a platform working towards creating a community where every initiative in the Dutch market is asked to join in to share their success stories and their challenges.

The platform is based on five subjects:

  1. Privately owned homes
  2. Commercial real estate
  3. Communal real estate (schools / care)
  4. Lending market
  5. Local energy corporations

green buildinvest initiative

It consists of governmental organizations, financial stakeholders, research establishments and the building and supply sector. Its main goal is to be the community where the national policy stance on sustainable building and neighborhood development formed. It will showcase successful tools and processes and guide new projects / initiatives to establish a good organization with healthy financial backing.

Who are the stakeholders?

Green BuildInvest Initiative is engaging a big diversity of stakeholders like: Governmental structures (Dutch ministries, Governmental organization, Cities and local initiatives); Financial organizations (Banks, Pension funds, Real Estate Investors and Private Investors); Research organizations and structures from the Building and supply sector (Building companies, Real Estate Developers, Consultants and Product developer and suppliers).

The Green BuildInvest Initiative platform is:

– Community based, open to anyone
– Pragmatic approach, successful projects / processes will be made easy to replicate
– Public and private sector working together
– Financial and building sector working together
– Online community supporting offline initiatives