Improving the attractiveness of investments in energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings

BUILDINTEREST aims to improve the financeability and attractiveness of investments in renewable energy or energy efficiency in buildings. It is comprised of 5 participants and is under the coordination of PNO CONSULTANTS BV.

It will create three national sustainable energy financing platforms. The latter platforms will promote structural dialogue among stakeholders in the building and financial sectors. They will also develop essential tools and financial instruments to increase attractiveness of investments in sustainable energy in buildings.

The three platforms will be based in:

  • the Netherlands ( Duurzaam Gebouwd),
  • Italy (ASTER)
  • and France (BPIFrance)

BUILDINTERESTS will furthermore deliver the following tasks:

  • promote qualitative expertise by developing a roadmap, analysing challenges and barriers
  • provide and implement solutions, such as financial instruments and contract arrangements for calculation tools and policy measures
  • organise 6 large-scale (inter)national events

Hence, BUILDINTEREST will reduce uncertainty regarding investments in sustainable buildings, and increased investors’ confidence and trust.