National platforms

The core of the project is formed by three national platforms, to be initiated and operated in The Netherlands, Italy and France. The three national platforms will create a structural dialog between the building and financial sector, as well as facilitate the development of essential tools and financial instruments that will increase the attractiveness of investments in sustainable energy in buildings.

This will lead to a better mutual trust and understanding and a structural improvement of the financeability and attractiveness of investments in sustainable energy or energy efficiency in buildings in each of the three countries. Each national platform follows a very similar approach, while still taking into account the different nature of the drivers and barriers for the financial and building sector in each

Green BuildInvest Initiative

Green BuildInvest Initiative is a platform working towards creating a community where every initiative in the Dutch market is asked to join in to share their success stories and their challenges.


BUILD LAB is an innovation and finance laboratory for sustainable buildings. It supports the development of tools and concrete models to improve the quality and finance ability of energy efficiency initiatives.

BPI France

BPI France has created a new web platform: EuroQuity in partnership with KfW. Both parties work together to put growth companies in contact with development partners and with investors in particular.